Exco Login

User Guide

The purpose of this portal is to provide a facility for the registered users to add and exchange ideas related to HVS testing.

The public has access to certain information while registered users have acess to additional information.

To log in click on the login tab on the right and enter your username and password that was sent to you by email. This will give you view, download, add and edit rights to various of the tabs and modules.

Click on the pencil to edit an item or hover over the module heading and then click on add to add an item. 

In order to add an item it must first be uploaded onto the website and then it will become visible in the list of options to be added into a particular module. In order to do this first provide a name in the "Title" box for the uploaded file as it should appear on the website.  Then click on "upload new file" that appears next to the "link box" and browse for the file on your local machine and then click "upload selected file".  This document will now be visible to add to any module.  Click on "update" to update the module on which you want the document to be shown and it should now be visible on the website.  In order to add a document that is already uploaded to a module, skip the browse and upload parts of the above sequence and just select the drop-down box in the "link" to see all documents that have already been uploaded onto the website.  

Under the "Technical Information" Tab there are two modules, one for "HVS reports" that are only visible to registered users to download and one for "public documentation" that makes the documents visible to all users to download. All registered users can upload documents to either module depending on whether they are for public consumption or not.