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Focus area activities: Asphalt
Competency Area: Structural Design

Focus Area




Asphalt – rut resistance tests - P159/1 (R80) tests – 2006 to 2008

Evaluation of rut development in standard HMA mix.

Comparison with rut resistant HMA mixes.

Evaluate performance of standard HMA mix under various loading and environmental conditions.

Comparison with rut resistant mix performance under selected similar conditions.

HVS tests 441A4 to 453A4 and continuing.

Characterisation of standard HMA mix response under different loads and temperatures.

Effects of rut resistant design (coarser aggregate packing) on rut development.

Reports for Focus area: Asphalt
Competency Area: Structural Design


Report No


Date of Issue

Forensic investigation into the performance of hotmix-asphalt. CSIR/BE/IE/ER/2006/0015/B E.Denneman and E van Assen 2007

Technical Memorandum: Phase 1 of HVS testing:

Road P243/1 - 441A4, 442A4, 443A4, 444A4, 445A4, 445A4A, 446A4, 447A4, 448A4, 449A4 and 450A4



WJvdM Steyn and C Fisher

Draft – June 2008


Evaluation of deformation response of HMA under APT and wheel tracking tests

Paper submitted for 3rd international accelerated pavement testing conference, Madrid , Spain Denneman, E., Steyn WJvdM, Maina, J.W., Sadzik, E.S 2008