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Overview: HVSIA Activity Matrix 

1. Click on the HVSIA link to open up the Activity Matrix
  The Matrix gives an overview of activities done by each institution/organisation per Focus area and Competency Area.
  Organisations`/Institutions` names have been abbreviated for the purpose of the Matrix. The key to the abbreviated names is displayed on top of the Matrix and is redisplayed when scrolling down.
  Twenty one Focus Areas are displayed in the left hand column of the Matrix and ten Competency Areas in the 2nd row from the top (underneath the key to organisations/institutions).
  For easy viewing, the Focus Areas are repeated in the 7th column of the Matrix (scrolling to the right), and the Competency Areas are repeated in the 14th row of the Matrix (scrolling down).
2. Click on the coloured key squares of organisations to open up the relevant summary page
  Summary pages give a summary of activities per Focus Area and Competency Area in the first table and a list of Contract Reports, some of which can be downloaded in .pdf format, in the second table.
3. The Summary Page
  Activities are summarised under the headings: "Focus Area" , "Description", "Objectives" and "Results".

In the table of reports, report numbers of reports that are available in .pdf format, are highlighted.

Example of Summary Page:

3. Click on the appropriate highlighted report number to download the document in .pdf format.
  The downloaded report can be saved to your computer by using your browser`s "File" and "Save as" menu options.
  The downloaded report can be printed by using your browser`s "File" and "print" menu options.
  To close the report and go back to the Summary Page, click on the x "close" button at the top right hand corner of the document.
4. To return to the HVSIA Activity Matrix from a Summary Page, click on your Browser`s "Back" button.