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Assessing Appropriate Loading Configuration in Accelerated Pavement Testing

Proceedings, 2 nd intl Conference on APT, Minneapolis , MN

Tom Byron, Bouzid Choubane & Mang Tia

September 2004

Evaluation of Coarse and Fine Graded Superpave Mixtures Under Accelerated Pavement Testing

Accepted for Publication TRB 2006

Bouzid Choubane, Salil Gokhale, Greg Sholar & Howard Moseley

January 2006

Evaluation of Superpave Mixtures With and Without Polymer Modification by Means of Accelerated Pavement Testing

Final Report, UF Project No 49104504801-12

Mang Tia, Rey Roque, Okan Sirin, Hong-Joong Kim

November 2002

Rut Initiation Mechanisms in Asphalt Mixtures as Generated Under Accelerated Pavement Testing

TRR 1940, pp. 136-145

Salil Gokhale, Bouzid Choubane, Tom Byron & Mang Tia

January 2005

Evaluation of Performance Data from Repeated Load Test

CTAA, Vol. 50

Leslie Myers, Jagan Guddimetla, Salil Gokhale, C. Paugh & Bouzid Choubane

December 2005

One-Way and Two-Way Directional Heavy Vechile Simulator Loading Effects on Rutting in Hot Mix Asphalt Pavements

TRR 1869

Mark Novak, Bjorn Birgisson, Rey Roque & Bouzid Choubane

January 2004

Impact of wide-base single tires on pavement damage Research Report FL/DOT/SMO/09-528 James Greene, Ulas Toros, Sungho Kim, Tom Byron, Bouzid Choubane December 2009