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Proceedings of the meeting held from 3 to 5 November 2009, Vicksburg, Mississippi

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Document size
1 Proceedings of the meeting
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Appendix A: List of Delegates

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3 Appendix B: Programme
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4 Appendix C-1: Development and Validation of a New Design Procedure for the Design of Airfield Flexible Pavements using a Stress-Based Approach, Carlos R. Gonzalez, Research and Development Center, Vicksburg, Mississippi
557 kb
5 Appendix C-2: Full Full-Scale Testing of Geogrid Reinforced Scale Testing of Geogrid Reinforced Flexible Pavements at the ERDC Flexible Pavements at the ERDC, Sarah R. Jersey, P.E., U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center U.S., Vicksburg, MS
361 kb
6 Appendix D: ERDC-CRREL HVS Activity: Structural improvements of flexible pavements using geosynthetics for
for base course reinforcement, Lynette Barna, Cold Regions Research & Engineering Laboratory, Hanover, NH
107 kb

Appendix E: California’s Partnered Pavement Research Program, David Jones and John Harvey, UCPRC
Joe Holland and Nick Burmas, Caltrans

2083 kb
8 Appendix F: Feedback from VTI Sweden, Leif G Wiman
539 kb

Appendix G: Florida APT update: Bouzid Choubane

3279 kb

Appendix H1: Feedback on current and future HVS activities: CSIR / Gautrans programme Aug 08 – Oct 09, Ultra Thin Concrete evaluation, Louw du Plessis

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11 Appendix H-2: HVSIA HMA Feedback, Wynand Steyn
119 kb

Appendix I-1: CRRI HVS, Central Road Research Institute, India New Delhi, Bob Briggs

61 kb
13 Appendix I-2: HVS Mk IV+ (CRRI Version), Bob Briggs
274 kb

Appendix J-1: ALT in Europ, following cost 347, Leif Wiman

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Appendix K: LTPP Feedback, Wynand Steyn

577 kb
16 Appendix L: HVSIA online pavement information tools feedback, Wynand Steyn
369 kb
17 Appendix M: HVSIA matrix feedback, Wynand Steyn
248 kb
18 Appendix N: HVSIA activity coordination feedback, Wynand Steyn
253 kb
19 Appendix O: HVSIA instrumentation feedback, Wynand Steyn
118 kb
20 Appendix P: HVSIA design catalogue feedback, Wynand Steyn
428 kb
21 Appendix Q: NCAT Pavement Test Track, 2009 Research Cycle (T4), Buzz Powell
1393 kb
22 Appendix R: DVD of Airplane testing of runways
97 493 kb
23 Appendix S: Feedback on the 3rd International Conference on APT and its implications to HVSIA, Louw du Plessis
98 kb
24 Appendix T: APT 2012: 4th International Conference on Accelerated Pavement Testing, Dave Jones
254 kb
25 Appendix U: APT 2012: Possible Papers for Presentation
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26 Appendix V: Photos of Delegates
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A Video clip: Ship simulator, ERDC
6 Mb
B Video clip: FWD under HVS VI
8 Mb
C Video clip: HVS VI trafficking
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D Video clip: Vicksburg Millitary Park 1
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E Video clip: Vicksburg Millitary Park 2
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