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Proceedings of the meeting held from 21-23 August 2013, in San Jose, Costa Rica  

  Presentations (Click to download, if available)  
1 HVSIA Overview,Website and Matrices Update             
2 Overview of the UCR Transportation Program, from the nano-scale to full-scale testing  
3 UC Davis HVS Overview  
4 Full-Scale APT at FAA`s National Airport Pavement Test Facility  
5 CSIR HVS Research Overview  
6 Use of the HVS for Bridge Deck Joint Testing  
7 ME Software for HVS Analysis and Proposal for Software Updates  
8 Status on the first experiment at the Pavelab  
9 Proposed Research at the High Temperature Pavement TestFacility (HTPTF)  
10 Proposed Research at Indonesian HVS Facility  
11 Research Topics at the Florida Department of Transportation  
12 HVS Update: History, new owners, new machine developments  
13 Final Development of the Costarican HVS Facility:The PaveLab  
14 Florida Department of Transportation HVS Facility  
15 Need for the Heavy Vehicle Simulator, HVS-A Specifications, and the HTPTF  
16 Test complete - decisions on what to do with the test track